Zera FlyFF » Farm HUnt and Siege


Server Time03:34:39 PM


Guild WinnerPotato


EXP Rate30x

Drop Rate50x

Penya Rate50x

Zera FlyFF - Explained step by step

Step 1: Our server rules

Read our rules by you. You have to create an account you can, just this accept, so we ask you to read it at least once exactly. avoids Misunderstandings and provides clarity of what is allowed on our server all (and especially: Does not)



UTo ensure a controlled gameplay, logically, some rules have to be established. We represent besides the well-known in Germany motto: "Ignorance is not an excuse", so that a user will be punished despite the lack of understanding of rules yet for a violation.
We, the team members Zera FlyFF, ask you, the community, so that it respects the rules on the one hand, on the other hand, any violations reported to us.

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