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news zera flyff beta 05-02-2021

What is it? Zera flyff is currently on an open beta per say, meaning everything in game at its current state is being worked on as we speak. yes this means everything from buffs to balance to dungeons to rates. everything is currently on fire of being changed, for the better. this means that the likelihood of us wiping the server and starting over on a confirmed launch date(currently under work) is high. but do not worry, everything you need to know about the open beta will be explained over the course of this post as well as over the time period we are in beta. Why are we in beta? we are in open beta to determine the best for everyone in every category from dungeon runners to aoe farmers to pvpers. we wont stop till the server is at its highest. we opened the server as open beta to let players get a feel for the game, give us feedback on rates, areas, experience and to report bugs. allowing the player base to interact early is something believed to help us better the game, getting opinions from a group rather than a selected few. How long will we be on beta? The time frame for the beta test is currently unknown as there is a lot to change from the previous owner, a lot of game breaking things that need to be fixed before going ahead. we are aiming to be up as fast as possible but while running on limited resources, it will take us time and we appreciate the patience we receive. What happens after the beta? after the open beta is over we will clear the game to ensure no one is left with an advantage over all the other players and will be an official start for zera flyff. all testers who offer regular feedback, bug reports and anything useful too us will receive a special beta tester fashion or cloak of their choosing. along with this everyone active during the open beta will get a "thank you box" that will include low tier equipment which will include, a weapon, a set, jewels, a perfect pet and amps. these are all base gear, meaning that most players will be able to achieve them but will give you the smaller advantage on levelling. along with this, we will do a few launch day events with various prizes. any prizes received during the beta will be automatically added to your new account, including the booster event, first to 200 event and any future beta events. During the beta: During the open beta period i will be going out as much as i can to constantly offer beta updates, anything concerning the server, when we plan to go ahead with launch and spoilers. questions on the beta can be directed to myself on discord @helly#0013 or in game @helly and i will reply as fast as i can. And then? after all the server is happy to our standards, we will push an opening. but this will not be the end of it, we will strive to and change the game regularly for the players. we are here to make a new server that can strive to the standards people have in a flyff, but we will need everyone's help. 1 - 29th of april 2020

Server Information

  • Server StatusOnline
  • Server Time
  • Server Peak 19
  • Players Online0
  • Guild Siege Daily 7 PM
  • EXP Rate30x
  • Drop Rate50x
  • Penya Rate50x

PvP Rankings

  • img MVP !Ahmed (11:46:07:837)
  • img Crown Potato
  • img Lord

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